5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

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Happy New Year! Business Insider hopes 2017 will bring you nothing but technology that will improve your daily lives and leave you wondering “How did I live without this before?”

Let’s kick off the year with these five tech stories.

1. Centrelink’s new big data system is falsely demanding people pay back thousands of dollars. Reports on social media of legitimate welfare recipients copping distressing debt collection letters has Labor, legal aid and social services groups calling for an end to the “crude” data-matching software. Read more on the debacle here.

2. The government has been warned to spend more on tech security or risk a “cyber Pearl Harbour”. The AFR reports a number of security experts delivering the dire warning, as a counter to the increased spending on Australia’s physical military spending.

3. CSIRO is looking for a technology security chief. iTnews reports that the science agency is seeking a new executive that will provide “pragmatic thought leadership regarding cyber security and the assurance of CSIRO’s significant science data assets and platforms”.

4. The smartwatch fad is over. Sales and usage rates have not met analyst expectations, with research firm eMarketer revising down forecasts and flagging that no one knows what to use wearables for and is not willing to fork out the high prices that the devices command. Read more.

5. French workers can now legally ignore work emails and messages outside of business hours. The Guardian reports the law came into effect in the new year to help achieve better separation of work and personal times.

Have a great day! Please email me your story tips or find me on Twitter.

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