5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Photo: Cats & Dogs/ IMDb.

Welcome to a new week. Here’s what you need to know in Australian tech.

1. Atlassian has been named as the top tech pioneer in the Australian and New Zealand tech startup space. The $8 billion tech giant topped the Tech Pioneers Report, put together by H2 Ventures and Investec Australia, which lists “leading innovators, disrupters, revolutionaries and game-changers” in the region. The report is based on the total capital raised, rate of capital raising, geographic and sector diversity, consumer and marketplace traction and ‘x-factor’. Xero and Envato rounded out the top 3. See the full report here.

2. Telstra is pouring $50 million into its networks. COO Kate McKenzie told an investor conference today that $25 million will be invested into network monitoring and tools, and another $25 million into improving network recovery time for customers. Read more here.

3. Australian Gumtree users have been targeted in a hacking attack. Gumtree, owned by eBay, has contacted many of its customers to warn accounts had been “compromised in a security attack”. While financial details and passwords were not exposed in the hack, the incident has been reported to the Australian Federal Police. Read more here.

4. Uber wants to be everywhere. It’s already in 415 cities worldwide, and that number’s increasing steadily. But that’s just in the physical world. More cleverly, Uber also wants to penetrate every corner of your online life as well. At some point, if Uber has its way, you should be able to summon an Uber from just about any piece of technology you use. Read about its grand plan for the future here.

5. And finally, someone invented a collar that translates cat meows to human speech. You can thank cat food maker Temptations for the invention every cat owner has been waiting for. The collar works by matching your cat’s sounds to a human voice command. You can choose which voice to give your cat. And there’s a great Aussie twang for cats called Bruce. See the demos here.

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