5 Things You Need To Know In Australian Tech Today

Prime Minister Tony Abbott during a Pollie Pedal. Photo: Mark Nolan / Getty Images

We’re back for 2015. Here’s what you need to know in Australian tech today.

1. A bunch of Australian startups are chuffed with the Abbott government. Yep, you read that correctly. The draft of changes to the laws around employee share ownership – whose current punitive tax arrangements have long been a bugbear among Australian entrepreneurs – was last week, and in the words of Fishburners’ GM Murray Hurps they “nailed it”. All the reactions to the new legislation are here.

2. Collecting GST from online purchases just isn’t worth it. That’s what a new report from The Institute of Public Affairs argues. It found the compliance costs associated with collecting the GST on low-value imports – less than $1000 – would exceed the actual revenues collected. More here.

3. EBay is cracking down on those exclusive Qantas Club passes being hocked online. Until now non-Qantas members have been able to buy passes to the exclusive Qantas lounge through second-hand sites such as eBay and Gumtree for just $50 – half the price they are worth. But eBay says it’s a violation of their policy and is shutting down the sale of them on the site. Although there was still some available on Gumtree over the weekend. More here.

4. Smart billboards have arrived in Australia… And they know what car you’re driving. Spooky. Lexus is rolling out the tech in key locations across Australia including both Sydney and Perth airports. They serve up targeted messages taking into account factors like what car you’re driving and the weather. More here.

5. A Western Australian guy crashed his remote control glider into the sea and the GoPro footage is amazing. It captured footage of a shark, sea turtles and a bunch of fish. Full video is here.

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