5 Things You Need To Know In Australian Tech Today

Startups guy Jason Calacanis.

Welcome to Monday – let’s get into it.

1. Jason Calacanis is launching This Week in Startups (TWIST) Down Under! Yep, Australia’s version of TWIST will be called TWISTA and if anything it should be seen as a solid hat tip to the work Australian startup founders have been putting in – It isn’t going unnoticed.

Since launching TWIST in 2010 Calacanis has produced about 480 episodes providing some awesome insights into tech startups. The Australian version will be hosted by Mark Pesce and Fishburners are chipping in for recording gear.

2. Telcos could be hit with some nasty fines if it doesn’t put systems in place to deal with the government’s data retention laws introduced to parliament last week. According to The Australian the Federal Government has a way to issue telcos up to $10 million in fines under the Telecommunications Act. More here.

3. Nintendo and ResMed are teaming up to create a device called the QOL ­Sensor (Quality of Life) which analyses sleep and fatigue. Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata said, “By using our know-how in gaming… to analyse sleep and fatigue, we can create something fun.” More here.

4. You will be able to ask Mark Zuckerberg ANYTHING this week. He’s hosting a Q&A session on Thursday. One catch – he might not answer every question but there’s more info here.

5. Move over augmented reality and virtual reality, blended reality is here. And it’s crowding out the reality buzzword space. A few days ago HP released its jaw-dropping new “Sprout” PC which replaces a keyboard and mouse with touchscreen, scanner and other features that let you take actual objects and easily “put” them into your PC. What it means for tech and startups is all here.

Have a great afternoon.

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