5 Things You Need To Know In Australian Tech Today

We’re going to try something new starting this week.

There’s a lot going on in Australian tech and here at Business Insider it’s only going to get busier, so each day we’re going to round up news and talking points in the sector. Here we go.

1. Microsoft’s 21st techEd kicked off in Sydney today and there was one guy in the audience who had been to 20 of them.

Scott Guthrie pictured centre talking about Microsoft’s Azure launch in Australia.

Microsoft launched Azure, its enterprise cloud data centre in Australia. Executive VP of Cloud Scott Guthrie said he hoped it would create a “rich ecosystem” to drive business development.

“Once it’s all deployed you can manage it and visualise your health, your billing in a single pane of glass,” he said.

Australia is now one of 19 Azure regions around the world. Lifehacker has more.

2. The tech industry has come up with a way around NSW’s 1.30am lockout laws so under 40s can party as long as they like. Australian investment banker Charles Stewart launched the KickOn App which gives people exclusive access to underground parties.

“Responsible adults who like to party are being short-changed by nanny state laws, forced to go home at a time when in many other global cities, the party is just getting started,” Stewart said.

He’s already raised $400,000 in seed capital which gives the company a valuation of about $4 million. The app was launched in the App store last week and has had more than 5000 downloads already.

As for a growth strategy Stewart is currently flogging it across the US colleges to expand the audience.

3. The Australian Tax Office is monitoring feeds to catch tax cheats. According to an AFR report the ATO is starting to draw on bank and payment feeds from companies like PayPal and match it to its own data.

The ATO’s data matching program also hooks into share registries, employers and merchants.

4. Remember the days when a $1 billion valuation for a startup was the dream? Well forget that – it’s now the $5 billion club and it’s already got a bunch of members including Uber, Pinterest and Square. The rest are here.

5. IKEA is taking a stand. The flat-pack giant has just launched a standing desk which is safe for work. Standing desks are on trend at the moment with sedentary lifestyles – particularly when we’re all sitting in front of a screen all day – increasingly being seen as the new smoking. Yep some are saying sitting all day is that bad for you.

So this was the first – feel free to let us know what you thought or if you have something to add. I’m on twitter. @alexandraheber

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