5 things you need to know today in Australian tech

‘So you’re coming for pizza? Follow me….’ Picture: Domino’s

Hello and welcome the start of the long weekend.

Shame Malcolm Turnbull killed off Tony Abbott’s knighthoods for the Queen’s birthday honours – Sir Mike Cannon-Brookes has a good ring to it.

Here’s what happened in tech today. See you Tuesday.

1. Is IPO a job? LiveHire listed on the ASX today after raising $10 million at 20 cents a share to develop and expand its platform for HR and recruitment. The float gives the business a market cap of $40 million, but things haven’t quite gone to plan, with the shares following the market down to sit at 18.5 cents halfway through this afternoon’s session.

The platform is built to create pools of pre-qualified job candidates for companies to dip into when they need to recruit.

Read all about it here – you may even pick up some work in the process.

2. If you’re renting, don’t stick your place on Airbnb when you go on hols
. Otherwise, you might end up coming home to no home. A landlord who found here 2-bedroom apartment in Melbourne on the home-sharing website has spent six months getting the tenants evicted, winning her case in the Victorian Court of Appeal today. The judge found in her favour because they were letting out the whole place, rather than just one room and thus sub-letting, breaking a key condition of the lease.

3. Domino’s is watching. The tech-loving pizza business unveiled its latest innovation today – a plan to track customers as they head to the store for pick-up. Worried that they might come across as Zuckerberg supreme, Domino’s is keen to emphasise it’s opt-in, and the tracking will only occur between ordering and pick up, so they know when you enter the “cook zone” on approach, pulling the pizza out of the oven as you walk in the door. The GPS tracking rolls out on Monday. Details are here.

4. Spotify says no. While Australian music streaming business Guvera is racing to the ASX, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has a very different view, saying he has no intention of selling his company, and he doesn’t think other rising startup founders should either.

Here’s what he had to say about Sweden’s tech scene:

We’ve had a couple of exit… One advice I give is don’t sell. That’s the biggest problem we have. All of these things that could have gone gigantic if you had just kept on course, and doing what you were doing.

One other thing worth noting is that in 2015, Spotify had revenues of $US2.18 billion growth of 80% year-over-year, but posted a $US94 million loss. By comparison, Guvera generated $A1.2 million in revenue, for an $A81 million loss.

5. Trying to find and place to live and hate paperwork? Here’s a cool piece of tech that makes like easier. Last year, Domain bought into a startup called Homepass, a mobile property inspection app started in 2014 Daniel Oertli. Now they’ve embedded the app in the Domain app, which has digitised the whole process of handing over your details to the agent – saving you from filling out that annoying inspection sheet at each place. The details are here.

BONUS ITEM: How to hack into all the secret features on your iPhone. That should keep you busy over the long weekend. See you Tuesday.

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