5 Things You Need To Know Before Changing Jobs

  • You’re not alone. Right now most people are unhappy with their jobs. A boring job can give you a heart attack. And people with no job are happier than people with a lousy one.
  • If you’re afraid of losing your job, you probably should be. Job insecurity can kill you. And you want to find a new job before you lose the one you have.
  • When you start looking it pays to know which careers make people happy and unhappy. The secret to landing interviews is networking.
  • If possible, try to schedule the interview for a sunny day. Make sure you look your best. And guys, don’t be modest.
  • During the interview focus on making good first impressions. Understand good body language. And a firm handshake pays off.

Employers: Afraid that your employees are reading this? Then you might want to know how to hire the best people and which methods work for vetting them.

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