5 Tools You Need To Have For Every Job Search

People say that job searching is a full-time job in itself, whether you’re entry-level or an experienced professional. Though the market is extremely congested and tough to get into, it doesn’t have to be a huge struggle if you utilise all the resources out there. 

Here are five tools you should use in the job search:

Complete LinkedIn profile. Today, a LinkedIn profile should be one of the first things you complete and maintain during your job search. Why? Well, many recruiters and hiring managers are using the tool to seek and research candidates. By not only having a LinkedIn profiles, but also using it to its fullest potential, you increase your chances of getting noticed. 

Further, though your LinkedIn profile should complement your resume, it can be so much more. Add links to your other online platforms, ask for recommendations, join groups, list additional achievements, etc. The more you put into your LinkedIn profile, the more you will get out of it. 

Updated social networking platforms. Apart from a LinkedIn profile, your social networking presence is incredibly important. Googling candidates is now the norm, and your online platforms should reflect the kind of candidate you are. Be sure to utilise strict privacy settings on Facebook and tweet at least a few times a day on Twitter. Also, if you have platforms like Twitter but do not update them, either delete the page or start using it. It looks pretty bad if you have stale content out there. 

Further, it’s important to maintain a personal and professional balance. You may think no one is looking at your Twitter profile or Facebook page, but the fact of the matter is, if you put content out there, someone will see it. Be smart about what you post, as it may come back to haunt you.

Blogging presence. Blogging is becoming increasingly important in regards to online presence. After all, the more positive content you have out there, the more attractive you will seem to a potential employer. Blogging is a fantastic way to show your thought leadership, as well. Once you seem like you know what you are talking about, you will gain followers and an audience, thus solidifying your online presence and brand. 

Online portfolio. You shouldn’t wait for an employer to ask for work samples or a portfolio. They should already be available online when they search your name. An online portfolio shows the researcher that you have a proactive grip on your personal brand, giving them a better image of you. Even something as putting writing samples on your LinkedIn profile will benefit you. The more work examples you have that portray your skills, the better. 

Vizibility. Vizibility is the first SearchMe Button for Google. Our service allows you to pick and customise your top five Google search results, which are then made available through a free and permanent link. Your SearchMe link can be placed on the above platforms, as well as business cards, resumes, presentations, and more. Further, Vizibility now has QR code capabilities. When scanned, your personal QR code brings up your customised SearchMe results. With Vizibility, personal branding has never been easier. 

What else do you need for the job search?