5 Things You Didn't Know About The End Of A Relationship

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Studies have revealed some interesting facts aboutthe end of relationships.

  • Research has determined the most common reasons why marriages end. 
  • Here are some interesting facts about divorce. Divorce may have less to do with an increase in conflict and more to do with a decrease in positive feelings.
  • There are three things that that have been shown to help you get over a break-up. Interesting: your brain can’t tell the difference between heartbreak and a heart attack.
  • There’s a good amount of interesting info about infidelity. Men are more likely to have affairs when they’re older, women when they are younger. There are personality traits that can predict infidelity but it might be easier just to listen to someone’s voice.
  • I’ve posted before on what science has found that can improve things:

Sharing good news

Doing exciting things together

Writing about it

Read more research-based findings about the beginning of a relationship, romance, sex and attraction.

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