5 Things You Didn't Know About Sex And Relationships

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Photo: Flickr/Zawezome

Studies have revealed some interesting facts about sex and relationships.

  • Relationships don’t have to start romantically to work — sex can lead to love. Sex can also keep a marriage stable over time.
  • Men cuddle after sex in order to get more sex. Men may need cuddling more than women do.
  • Here are some great stats on sex and relationships.
  • Falling asleep after sex can be a good thing and men aren’t any more likely to do it than women.
  • Yes, men want sex more than women do. The more sex partners a man has had in the past, the more likely he is to perceive a woman as less attractive after the first-time they have sex.

Read more research-based findings about the beginning of a relationship, romance, attraction and breaking up.

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