5 Things We Wish Siri Could Do


Photo: Apple

You may have already heard that Apple has been hit with a lawsuit from a guy claiming that your digital personal assistant Siri doesn’t do what Apple says it does.The service, which Apple says is still in beta, does help you to place phone calls, schedule meetings, and find the type of food you’re looking for, but beyond that Siri is still very much a work in progress.

We think Siri will improve over time and when she (it?) does, hopefully it will be able to do these 5 things:

  • Be able to tell us simple words and phrases in other languages. For example, if I need to know how to say hello in Korean, Siri will tell me.
  • Launch apps instantly. 
  • Do cool things like call me a cab or order takeout from my favourite pizza place online seamlessly and without me having to program my credit card info or give directions.
  • Integrate with other apps like Sleep Cycle. How cool would it be if Siri woke me up at the exact moment I was in my lightest sleep and then told me the weather and top headlines of the day or other news topics of my choosing?
  • Give me smarter search results. If I am looking for a spa, don’t just give me a list of one’s nearby, tailor them to my price point and other wishes.

Though Siri is still a work in progress, we have no doubt that at least some of these things are well on their way.

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