5 Things New Australian Uni Graduates Should Know When Looking For That First Job

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This time of year is fiercely competitive for job seekers, in particularly graduates who begin to look for that daunting first job.

Job hunting conditions for new graduates are the toughest in four years, with unemployment sitting at 5.8% and the economy shedding full-time jobs.

To help with this gruelling process Business Insider spoke to Stephen Howard, a career development professional with Successful Resumes Australia, about simple steps for graduates to take in their initial job search.

Here is the advice he had to share.

1. The public service will be tough to get in to

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'With the new government trimming costs, many of the graduate positions have been axed and a lot of the offers made for 2014 start dates have been withdrawn.'

The ABC reports 38 graduate positions for 2014 were scrapped in November after AusAID was merged with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

3. Know how to stand out (and lightly stalk your potential employer)

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'A good academic record, evidence of extra curricular activities and a well-written resume and application are a ticket to an interview. The next step is thorough preparation and rehearsal so that you can be your best when you meet your potential employer. Research your potential employer using obvious documents and websites along with some Facebook and LinkedIn stalking.'

4. What to ask for


'New graduates should be expecting support, training and mentoring along with opportunities to develop their skills, knowledge and experience. Developing some 'identity capital' through a range of tasks will mean that you may have to get involved in a range of different things which may include volunteering and short courses.'

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