12 destinations where you can stay in a 5-star hotel for less than $200 a night

Berlin Germany designShutterstockBerlin is a young, trendy city where you can find a five star hotel for less.

Luxury for less can be hard to find, but it does exist.

Our friends at Hotels.com curated a list of major destinations around the world where visitors can stay at a five-star hotel for under $US200 per night.

The bulk of the cities are in Europe, with a few in Asia.

Keep scrolling to see where you can treat yourself without breaking the bank.

12. Moscow, Russia: $197 per night


11. Lisbon, Portugal: $196 per night

iStock / Sean Pavone

10. Bangkok, Thailand: $187 per night


9. Berlin, Germany: $185 per night


8. Istanbul, Turkey: $184 per night

iStock / MasterLu

7. Cairo, Egypt: $183 per night

iStock / Leonid Andronov

6. Brussels, Belgium: $180 (TIE)

iStock / SerrNovik

6. Mumbai, India: $180 per night (TIE)

iStock / Dhurandar

4. Delhi, India: $169 per night

iStock / skaman306

3. Tallinn, Estonia: $160 per night

iStock / anshar73

2. Pisa, Italy: $141 per night

iStock / MasterLu

1. Warsaw, Poland: $130 per night

iStock / scanrail

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