These 5 Creepy Sounds Could Mean It's Time For Home Repairs

Photo: Groovnik

As winter approaches, what could be scarier than things going bump in the night? Paying the repairman to make them stop, says Consumer Reports.Before you start believing your house is haunted, here are five freaky sounds to watch out for this season. Don’t let them spoil your Halloween fun, just follow these tips to stop them.

1. Clangs and clunks. Whether it’s a flying squirrel or flying witch, small rodents like hanging out in large electrical appliances and basements, chewing up wires that will send your insulation bill through the roof.

Block them out by “plugging holes in your home’s exterior, including foundation walls and roof soffits,” the site says.

2.  A chilly interior. Air links and poor insulation will bring chills to your home, but simply holding up an incense stick to see if the smoke blows away is a quick way to tell whether you need to caulk, weather strip, or insulate your home further to cover the spot.

3. Zombie appliances. Yes, your appliances can turn themselves on and off, and in some cases, even pose a threat to your safety. Stop them in their tracks by shutting off countertop appliances or using a power strip. And if it’s raining, chalk it up to a “whole-house power surge,” says Consumer Reports. You can report other issues to the Consumer Safety Product Commission.

4. Phantom doors. Doors and cabinets, in particular those on wheels, are likely to open and shut on their own due to low humidity. Invest in a humidifier or try leaving the door while you take a shower to heat things up, literally. 

5. Suspicious scents. Follow your nose to catch the culprit of musty odours. It could be dead pests or wet fibreglass–we hope it’s the latter! 

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