5 Social Media Contests That Ended Horribly Wrong

This week, EE faced a social media backlash after an error in competition guidelines meant that people received TicketMaster vouchers instead of weekend passed to Glastonbury. We take a look at some other social media competitions which didn’t go to plan.

1. EE



Now sorted, EE scrambled to find tickets after people urged the company to #GiveTerryHisGlastoTickets .

At one point O2 stepped in and offered Finnegan tickets to O2 Priority events for free.

2. Durex

3. Quantas

Flying back to 2011 (see what we did there?) Quantas clearly thought it was onto a winner by asking 'What is your dream luxury in-flight experience?

4. Molson

Those are campaigns ad agencies tried to do and failed.

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