5 Skills I Look For Before Writing A Check

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One of the questions I’m most often asked as a VC is what I’m looking for in an investment. For me I’ve stated publicly that 70% of my investment decision is the team and most of this is skewed toward the founders. I’ve watched people who went to the top schools, got the best grades and worked for all the right companies flame out.

So what skills does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? What attributes am I looking for during the process? Having been through the experience as an entrepreneur twice myself, I have developed a list of what I think it takes.

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Mark Suster, a partner at GRP Partners, originally published this post at Venture Hacks. It is republished here with permission. Mark offers startup advice on his blog, Both Sides of the Table.

2. Street Smarts

3. Ability to Pivot

4. Resiliency

5. Inspiration

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