5 Reasons Your PowerPoint Presentations Suck

Power Point is one of the most popular business tools on the market. We all use it when giving presentations. However, just about every Power Point I see used is NOT used effectively. Having said that John “ColderICE” Lawson, Chris McCann (President of 1800-Flowers), Jim Fowler (founder of JigSaw) and other speakers used Power Point to mind blowing effectiveness at the Small Business Summit 2011 (by Dell).

Microsoft has a MUST SEE set of Microsoft Power Point spoof video set here.

In these videos Microsoft reviews the top reasons that your video can be a presentation disaster.

  • Too many graphics
  • Too many bullet points that don’t get to the point
  • Too many animations
  • Repeating yourself too much
  • Too many colours

Next time you’re creating a Power Point presentation – take the time to first and foremost be a GREAT speaker. Secondarily, use a presentation to only BACKUP what you are saying. To support what you are saying. NOT to be the crutch for your bad speaking ability.