5 reasons why a mentor is an invaluable asset to the future of your career

Ducere CEO Mathew Jacobson. Photo: Supplied

A mentor is a valuable source of information and guidance for any business person looking to get ahead.

Even those at the top of their field need someone to be able to vent to or bounce ideas off when challenges arise.

Mentors are also a valuable source of knowledge, and in business knowledge is empowering.

This is a concept Mathew Jacobson, CEO and founder of Ducere, an Australian online business and management resource, based his business on.

“A network of interaction, with peers and mentor… is a critical human element to knowledge transfer,” said Jacobson.

Here are Jacobson’s five tips on why a business mentor is an invaluable asset to the future of your career.

1. Learn from your mistakes.

Chances are your mentor has “been there, done that” and is able to share their lessons with you so that you don’t fall into the same dilemma. Ask them questions about problems you’re currently facing and gain their advice on the best ways to handle the situation.

2. Grow your network.

With years of experience under their belt, your mentor will have an extensive network of valuable contacts that may open up new career opportunities for you. When you go to events together, be sure to always involve yourself in group discussions and keep in touch with people you made a connection with.

3. Free of charge.

One of the best things about a mentor is that they are free of charge, saving you thousands of dollars that may have been spent on a business consultant. It’s essential however, to ensure it’s not a one way street and that you invite your mentor out for coffee or lunch to build upon the relationship.

4. Achieve new goals.

A mentor will be able to give you clear career path initiatives, with real-world experiences to help you work out your next step in business. By working together on these you will both have a sense of achievement once each goal is ticked off the list.

5. Think outside the box.

As a collaborative duo, you will be able to look at situations in a new light and bounce creative ideas off each other. Whether you’re from the same industry or on opposite sides of the spectrum, spending time with someone you admire leads to better decision making.

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