5-Pound Marijuana Brick Mistakenly Delivered To Elderly Pennsylvania Couple


[credit provider=”CBSPhilly” url=”http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2011/04/25/elderly-delaware-county-couple-delivered-five-pound-brick-of-marijuana-by-mistake/”]

UPS mistakenly delivered a 5-pound brick of marijuana to an elderly Delaware County, Pa. couple, reports CBSPhilly.The package was addressed to the couples residence, but had a name they didn’t recognise.

Opening the box regardless, they found three large bags of pot worth $22,000, 

Upper Darby Police Superintendent, Michael Chitwood said incidents like this are relatively common: “During the course of a year, we’ll probably get anywhere from six to 10 of these types of things…More often than not, we see people waiting for the package outside and they say, ‘That’s for me.'”