5 people were hospitalised after being seriously injured on a slide at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

Sydneysiders take on the ‘Super Slide’ at the Sydney Royal Easter Show in 2013. Photo: Lisa Maree Williams/ Getty.

Five people have been taken to hospital with broken limbs and internal bleeding after riding the super-slide at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

The people, all staff members, were using the ride after the show had closed, sustaining their injuries around 12.20am on Saturday night.

Two women, aged 22 and 23, were taken to hospital with broken legs, and three men, including a 33-year-old with a broken arm and a 60-year-old with broken ribs and internal bleeding, were also hospitalised.

It has been reported that the ride, which had been closed earlier in the evening due to wet conditions, become particularly dangerous when it rains, running much faster than considered to be safe.

The site was closed off by police for Work Cover investigations but has since been reopened.

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