5 Of The Spookiest Places On The Web

Halloween is not right around the corner – but that doesn’t mean we can’t be spooked on the web  The
Internet has some very scary and haunted places which have the combination of being both free and spooky.

Please proceed with caution, as being scared on the web is certainly not for the faint of heart. 

Here are 5 of the spookiest places on the Internet today.

1)  The Death Clock

This site can be very eerie and spooky as it predicts when you are going to die.  It factors in your age, body mass index, and whether or not you are a smoker and then it publishes an actual date which you will die.  A clock is shown which counts down the seconds you have left to live based on the date it has
come up with.  And while this site can certainly be very spooky, potentially it has caused some to quit smoking as they can clearly see that the Death Clock will give an earlier death date for smokers.  I don’t smoke, but if I did, the Death Clock would have taken 8 years off of my life.

2)  Ghosts of Earth

Ghosts of Earth has all things scary including ghosts, demons, vampires, and haunted places.  The site talks about several ancient mysteries and it details some of the scariest places on earth.  Some of the ghost stories on this site add to this sites legend as one of the scarier places on the web.  

3)   Haunted Houses

The “For Real” section of haunted houses has links to real ghost towns and paranormal photos. The site lists many real haunted houses across the US and Canada for those looking for a “live” scary experience.  Lastly, this site also reviews both new and old horror films.

4)   Unexplained Mysteries

Unexplained Mysteries details paranormal phenomena along with some of the world’s most famous and unexplained mysteries.  The site boasts a forum with over 3.5 million posts with topics ranging from The UFO Phenomenon to Urban Legends.

5)  Scary Games

There are tons of scary games to play which can be both challenging and scary at the same time.  These types of games include Zombie Games, Ghost Games, Horror Games, Halloween Games, Escape Games, and Monster Games.  At Halloween time, these games become more popular, but of course many decide to play them throughout the year.