5 luxury escapes to take if you want to completely switch off

It seems that modern work has never been more demanding, thanks to increased connectivity allowing to work around the clock and from anywhere with internet access.

And while people are excelling at their jobs because of it, at some point there’s a need to switch off and rejuvenate to ensure they don’t burn out.

Virtuoso, a luxury travel platform, asked its network of global advisors where they would send someone looking to temporarily cut the smart-phone tether and take a well-earned break.

Here’s are luxury holidays they came up with.

1. Rancho La Puerta Fitness Resort and Spa — Tecate, Mexico

Rancho La Puerta Fitness Resort And Spa/ Virtuoso

Rancho La Puerta is located just five kilometres south of the US border. Here mobile phones are banned in public areas and service is very limited, even in guest casitas. There are no in-room TVs and limited Wi-Fi to ensure that guests at this 1,214-hectare resort focus instead on well-being of the body, mind and spirit. Guests can enjoy more than 40 kilometres of hiking trails, 13 hectares of gardens and more than 70 indoor and outdoor activities from yoga, art, cooking and strength training.

2. Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa, Oetker Collection — Baden-Baden, Germany

Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa, Oetker Collection/ Virtuoso

The hotel’s Villa Stephanie suites are dedicated to digital detoxing. With a press of the button from the bedside table, the entire room is disconnected from Wi-Fi, thanks to specially coated copper plates embedded in each room’s walls to block electronic signals. Guests can indulge in a variety of spa, wellness and even medical treatments or browse an extensive library of books (the kind printed on paper). Situated along the banks of the Oos River in the foothills of the Black Forest, the hotel provides a total get-away-from-it-all atmosphere.

3. El Silencio Lodge & Spa — Bajos del Toro, Costa Rica

El Silencio Lodge & Spa/ Virtuoso

The name really says it all. El Silencio is a natural immersion retreat nestled in 202 hectares of tropical cloud forest highlands. You won’t find Wi-Fi in most suites, although it is available in the villas and a conference room. With no TVs, either, guests have the time to enjoy a variety of eco-adventures and cultural experiences, like planting a tree to help offset carbon emissions, hiking through hummingbird gardens and cloud forest trails, or learning to cook or paint in traditional Costa Rican styles.

4. The Ranch Malibu — Malibu, California

The Ranch Malibu/ Virtuoso

This intimate health resort, which spans 81 hectares in the Santa Monica Mountains, entices visitors to explore and take in the stunning natural surroundings, rather than email, texts or social media. For those who can’t be trusted with their own devices, there’s no mobile reception while hiking in the hills or inside the accommodations, with Wi-Fi limited to the main building.

5. UnCruise Adventures

UnCruise Adventures/ Virtuoso

UnCruise’s small ships are designed for getting outdoors and enjoying the adventure, whether cruising to Alaska, Costa Rica, Hawaii, the Pacific Northwest or Mexico. Part of the adventure is that its ships don’t offer email or internet access. While a mobile phone signal may flicker when the ship is near populated areas, the rest of the time passengers can enjoy a digital detox.

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