5 greyhounds have been euthanised in the week since Mike Baird dropped his proposed ban on racing

Photo: Mike Hewitt/ Getty Images.

NSW premier Mike Baird reversed his decision to ban greyhound racing exactly a week ago.

At the time he apologised for his plan to ban the sport from July 2017, saying “we got it wrong”.

In almost as many days since then, five greyhounds have been euthanised after being injured racing.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that runners were put down in Dubbo, Maitland, two in Casino and Wentworth Park.

Brenton Scott, chief executive of the NSW Greyhound Industry Racing Alliance, said: “We accept that at the cornerstone of our assurance to the community are total life cycle management and optimum levels of race safety.

“Euthanasia arising from racetrack incidents currently represents an extremely small 0.13 per cent of runners.

“However, the industry accepts that every possible step must be taken to avoid any track euthanasia going forward.”

As a compromise Baird announced that a panel chaired by former premier Morris Iemma and including the RSPCA and industry representatives would report back to government on how to reform the sport in NSW.

Proposed changes for the industry include a reduction in the number of race tracks and races, breeding capped at 2000 dogs annually and a $1500 bond on every dog.

The Sydney Morning Herald has more details here.

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