5 Great Tips For Photographing Fireworks

Washington DC Fireworks 2012

Even if you have a camera with a bunch of automatic settings, shooting fireworks can be tricky.

Before you head out tonight to capture the fun, here’s some tips put together by National Geographic.

1. Turn off your flash and set your camera to manual mode and try this setting: ISO 100, f/11, at 1/2 second. Adjust shutter speed as needed. More details here.

2. Photographing fireworks means slow shutter speeds. That means it is best to use a tripod.

3.  If you want to zoom in and show detail, you’ll want a zoom lens that goes to at least 200mm. It’s best to play with zoom/focus settings earlier in the day, while its still light out.

4. If your camera supports bulb mode or timed exposures that can be a great way to shoot fireworks. More details here.

5. When shooting people, like a friend holding a sparkler, focus on the face not the sparkler to try and trick the light meter.

Here’s a bunch more tips on photographing fireworks from the Digital Photography’s School’s Darren Rowse.

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