Five Fascinating Perspectives On Money

1. It’s Coming: The $5 ATM fee
My thoughts: Who cares if you have a checking account that refunds 100% of ATM fees?

2. Awesome tips on dealing with contracts
My thoughts: From the article, the commenter writes: “This isn’t even a housing thing, this is just a global thing. I don’t think I’ve ever signed an employment contract without modifying it. I’ve never had my employer mention it afterwards.” I love him.

3. How to stash $1 million+ in savings
My thoughts: Predictable rage of people who complain that if THEY made that much money, they could “of course” save $1m+. Commenter Sid puts them in their place:

“For all those whiners out there who can’t save any money because you’re not radiologists exchange your “meager” salary with any one of a million starving people in Rwanda. They will happily show you how plentifully blessed you are. Do you have clean water, a peaceful neighbourhood, a police force in your town, an income above 80% of the world’s population? If you can answer ‘yes’ to any one of these questions (if not all 4) then you are head and shoulders above most people alive today.

Now that you’ve gotten loose of your pity party you might start to think about what you do have to work with rather than griping about what you don’t have. Granted this man makes probably 4 times the average salary nationally, but he has also worked 4 times as hard with 4 times the discipline.”

4. Slow and steady still pays
My thoughts: Yet another article blowing apart the “Lost Decade” myth (00-10), this one showing a hypothetical example w/numbers

5. Lavish spending
My thoughts: Jesse writes AWESOME post on conscious spending. Calls out people who find it “ridiculous” that I spend $9/bag of chips. Compare this to “experts” who lecture you to save $2 on toilet paper and morning coffee. Denial of desire is not a strategy.