5 excellent people to follow on Twitter to keep up with China's crazy market

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The world is watching Chinese markets with unprecedented attention.

The volatility is intense: tune out for just minutes and an index that was down 5% can suddenly be surging into positive territory.

Staying on top of developments is intense. But there are some observers (besides us here at BI) who can keep you up to date with what is happening in Chinese markets.

Here are five of the best people to follow on Twitter along with a couple of examples of their tweets for a flavour of what they’re adding.

George Chen (@george_chen)

Chen is managing editor at the South China Morning Post. He comes up with some remarkable scoops that can make even seasoned market professionals jaws drop.

Bill Bishop (@niubi)

Bishop is a Beijing local, and an excellent resource for anything to do with China, including the stock trading exploits of his mother-in-law. He also offers an excellent email note that covers, among other things, Chinese markets, economics and political news. Best of all it’s free.

Patrick Chovanec (@prchovanec)

Chovanec is Managing Director and Chief Strategist at Silvercrest Asset Management and an epic China bear. He has a detailed grasp of China’s economic and political fundamentals.

Simon Rabinovitch (@S_Rabinovitch)

Rabinovitch is a reporter at the Economist, based in Shanghai. His twitter feed in full of interesting tidbits to do with Chinese markets and economics.

Haidi Lun (@HaidiLunCNA)

An anchor at Channel News Asia, Lun drops in with smart commentary and observations from her base in Singapore. And we like her because she’s Aussie.

And as always, all the key developments will be at Business Insider and BI Australia.

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