Expert reveals how often you should really clean your closet and 5 tips for when you do

The Fitz 23Sarah JacobsFitz stylists Ellie and Maggie.

The stylists of Fitz, a new closet-cleaning and styling service started by Gilt cofounder Alexandra Wilkis Wilson and Fandango founder J. Michael Cline, have seen a lot of messy closets.

Business Insider recently tagged along with stylists Ellie and Maggie during a Fitz Foundation appointment — which for a flat fee of $US300, gets two stylists to help curate and organise the items in your closet and drawers.

We asked Ellie, the lead stylist, for her top tips for keeping your closet in order and clean — ahead, her advice.

Edit and organise twice a year.

Sarah Jacobs

Ellie, who asked that we not use her last name because of her contract with Fitz, suggests a bi-annual closet cleaning session. During those times, you can purge items you no longer want to create space for updated pieces.

Replace plastic and wooden hangers with velvet ones.

Sarah Jacobs

Fitz stylists, which work in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Fairfield County, Connecticut are use to seeing small closets. To save space Ellie highly recommends hanging closet items on a thin, velet hanger which save space. They also prevent items from falling and slipping.

Organise clothes by item and colour.

Sarah Jacobs

Organising your clothes by their type -- long sleeve, short sleeve, button ups -- and colour can shave time off getting ready.

Make sure everything is clean and in good shape.

Sarah Jacobs

When you're inspecting your clothes during an edit, make sure there's no tears or stains.

Store away clothes out of season.

Sarah Jacobs

When winter and summer rolls around, put those items you'll no longer be wearing in a storage bin. Aside from having more space, 'You will be more excited to wear your clothes again after not seeing them for a while,' said Ellie.

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