5 Charts You Must See Before Today's Huge CPI Report

bernanke swears

Photo: By trackrecord on flickr

This big show is today.At 8:30 we find out whether hyperinflation is here, or whether Bernanke still must print money to stave us off from the next leg of the Japanese deflationary depression (or, more realistically, something in between).

As for the headlines, analysts are looking for 0.3% on the headline, and 0.1% on the core. Yesterday we got a hot 0.5% reading on core PPI.

To get you ready, here are a few interesting charts.

First, the CPI. So far we're just not seeing anything too exciting. The last reading was 0.4%

And as far as that food inflation that everyone's freaking out about. It doesn't exist in America yet.

On the other hand, producer prices have gone up. This chart shows the gap between core PPI and core CPI. A negative number implies market compression.

And just for fun, here's MIT's daily, experimental price index. It's recently spiked.

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