5 Brain Teasers From UBS's Art Cashin That Will Drive You Nuts

Art Cashin

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Art Cashin, UBS Financial Services’ director of floor operations at the NYSE, is known for his daily newsletter Cashin’s CommentsAnd he never forgets to include a fun piece of trivia at the end of his daily must-read newsletter. 

The questions are usually a piece of logic or maths or history related. 

We think they’re a ton of fun, but it can get frustrating since he doesn’t release the answer until the following day. 

We’ve compiled this week’s trivia questions.  For all you history buffs out there, this week’s set of questions should be fun.

We’ll begin with last Friday’s question. The answer is posted on each subsequent slide. (Google is for cheaters!)

Last Friday's Question

Of seven coins, which all look alike, five have the same weight while two are slightly heavier. Using a balance scale of two pans, without weights, how many operations are necessary to tell which are the two heavy coins?

Source: Cashin's Comments

Last Friday's Answer

Take 6 of the 7 coins and put 3 on each side of the scale. If they balance then there is one heavy coin in each set. Then take 2 coins from a set and if they balance the odd one if the heavy. If the 3 vs 3 does not balance then the heavy set contains the coin. Etc. Etc. So you should only need 3 weighings.

Source: Cashin's Comments

Monday's Question

Two signers of the Declaration were brothers. Who were these siblings?

Source: Cashin's Comments

Monday's Answer

Two signers who were brothers were: 'Francis Lightfoot Lee and Richard Henry Lee' both of Westmoreland Co. Va.

Source: Cashin's Comments

Tuesday's Question

Of all military battles fought on U.S. soil, more books have been written about this one than any other. Which battle is it?

Source: Cashin's Comments

Tuesday's Answer

The battle that inspired more books than any other was not Gettysburg nor the Alamo. It was Custer's Last Stand - the Little Bighorn.

Source: Cashin's Comments

Wednesday's Question

The Parsimonious Printer - A printer needed to buy special italic capital letters for a special order, which required that he print forms for individual months. Assuming that the letters were moveable and reusable and that he printed each month separately and in turn could reuse those letters for the next month, what is the smallest number of letters he would buy and what are they? (Hint: January needs two 'A's'.)

Source: Cashin's Comments

Wednesday's Answer

Answer to the parsimonious printer problem - he would need 27 letters. AABCDEEEFGHIJLMNOOPRRSTUUVY

Source: Cashin's Comments

Thursday's Question

This one was a key feature on the admissions test at Rodeo Clown School where I graduated first in my class (the other guy dropped out). At the Long Branch Saloon several regulars were telling a greenhorn how rich 'Big Cash' was. Tom said, 'Cash has over 100 Black Angus Bulls.' Sam said, 'Cash has less than 100 Black Angus Bulls'. Trying to prevent an argument, Charlie said, Let's just say that Cash has at least one Black Angus Bull'. If only one of these statements is correct....how many Black Angus Bulls does Cash really have? (We expect an exact answer based on the data.)

Source: Cashin's Comments

Thursday's Answer

To the Rodeo Clown School Puzzler - If only one statement can be correct, the Big Cash has no Black Angus Bulls. If he had at least one then one of the other statements would be correct. The number could be more than 100 or less than 100. But if he had no bulls then only the less than 100 statement is correct. Not everybody gets admitted to Rodeo Clown School.

Source: Cashin's Comments

Friday's Question

Tommy is bringing sandwiches to the game, but is stopped by 3 bullies. The first takes half the sandwiches in the bag plus half a sandwich. The second takes half of what's left plus half a sandwich. The third takes half of what Tom has left plus half a sandwich. Tom then discovers the bag is empty. How many sandwiches did he start with?

Source: Cashin's Comments

Want the answer? You'll have to come back next week.

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