Expert reveals the top 5 US cities every beer lover should visit once in their life

As the craft beer craze sweeps across the US, the question remains: Where can beer lovers find the best brews?

To find answers, Business Insider turned to the co-founder of beer-centric app Untappd, Greg Avola. Untappd allows users to share what they’re drinking and where, giving the company insight into current beer trends across America.

According to Avola, these are the five cities that every beer lover should visit in 2016.

5. Denver, Colorado

“To start this is where the Great American Beer Festival takes place — America’s largest craft beer festival that occurs every year in October. There are also a great number of breweries in Boulder (a short car ride away from Denver) and a ton of other small brew pubs in the area.”

4. New York, New York

“I’m a bit biased here, but for a large city we have great beer and a ton of great bars around the area. You can always find a good beer on tap somewhere in the city, and while Manhattan proper doesn’t have many breweries, you can find them in Queens, Long Island, and Brooklyn.”

3. Chicago, Illinois

“There’s access to big breweries like Lagunitas… With the city’s central location, it allows the city/state to have access to good distribution — for example Bell/Founders in Michigan, and Three Floyds [in Indiana,] and Surly, [in Minnesota].”

2. Portland, Oregon

“Portland has the most breweries per square mile in the world. There are a ton of small breweries, and this city has access to great beer all around, since it’s in the Northwest.”

1. San Diego and San Francisco, California

“For San Diego, there are a ton of breweries and the city has access to the most breweries in California. For San Francisco, again a lot of great breweries, but [also] a ton of brew pubs where they can make beer on premise and just sell to customers (no bottling). Plus, there are a ton of great bars like City Beer Store.”

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