5 Bands That Are Totally Underappreciated Right Now

With new artists and bands emerging from all corners of the world, it’s tough to keep track of all the names, faces, and sounds out there.

We at FILTER Magazine have done all the hard work for you to curate a weekly guide of which bands are worthy of your ears.

From our motto, “good music will prevail,” to our free Good Music Guide, it’s safe to say that we know a little something about music.

Trust us; you’ll be dancing and singing along to these artists in no time!

Even after two weekends of never-ending music at the Coachella Music Festival, we still can’t get enough of some of the acts that we saw.

This first installation features bands that put on a rockin’ show in the desert sun of Indio, CA.

Palma Violets

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The Neighbourhood



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