5 Awful HR Policies That Will Hurt Your Business

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In a recent post for Business Week, former Fortune 500 HR executive Liz Ryan writes about a host of horrible HR policies she’s seen during her career.

The worst offenders are truly discouraging to your employees and, ultimately, destructive to your company.

Worse, they’re likely to send the best workers (both current and potential) running in the opposite direction. 

In summary, the most destructive HR policies are:

1. An overly restrictive time-off policy: Refusing to let your employees take time to handle personal matters, within reason, immediately says that you’re inflexible and unaccommodating.

2. A transfer policy run by individuals’ managers: A hiring manager should decide an employee’s career path, not their own manager.

3. A no-references policy: Why would an employee invest their hard work and time in your company if you’re not going to reward them with a worthy reference?

4. Requiring proof for bereavement leave: Nothing could be more insensitive than asking someone to bring back a note to prove the legitimacy of their bereavement leave.

5. “Theft of time” rules: As long as your employees are doing great work (that’s the important part), you shouldn’t care if they spend a few minutes surfing the web as a release.

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