5 awesome movies just came out -- drop everything and see one of them this weekend

Tom Hanks Bridge of Spies20th Century Fox‘Bridge of Spies.’

We haven’t had a weekend like this in a long time.

One where a string of movies come out the same weekend that will satisfy you, whether you love a big Hollywood epic or a intimate indie.

Some of them are made by legends and others by rising stars who are just starting to make names for themselves.

Let’s break down five movies you should run to see at your local theatre beginning Friday.

1. 'Bridge of Spies'

devan joseph

The latest teaming by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg is a Cold War drama. Hanks stars as a lawyer recruited by the CIA who helps get a US pilot back from the Soviet Union.

Reviews are off the charts with this one as it currently has a 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

2. 'Goosebumps'


If you're into something lighter, there's a Jack Black comedy in which he plays young adult author R.L. Stine. When the imaginary demons he's created come to life, Stine and a group of kids go on an adventure to make things right.

3. 'Beasts of No Nation'


The much-anticipated next movie from 'True Detective' season 1 director Cary Fukunaga does not disappoint. Set in an unnamed African country, we follow a young boy Agu (Abraham Attah) whose only way of survival during the civil war is to join the rebels as a fighter. The group is headed up by a twisted Commandant (Idris Elba).

If the movie isn't playing near you, don't worry, you can watch it now on Netflix.

4. 'Room'


Based on the best-selling book, we follow a mother (Brie Larson) and her son (Jacob Tremblay) who have been held captive in a shed for years. This is an emotional ride that you won't forget anytime soon.

Currently playing in New York and LA, opening nationwide in the coming weeks.

5. 'Truth'

Lisa Tomasetti/Sony Pictures Classics

In this newsroom drama, Robert Redford plays Dan Rather in 2004 when the inaccuracies in his report on President George W. Bush's military record led to a huge black eye for CBS. The film gives a behind-the-scenes look at how Rather and his producer Mary Mapes (Cate Blanchett) deal with the controversy.

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