23 Photos That Will Make You Feel Insanely Patriotic For The 4th Of July

For Americans, the 4th of July is a time to celebrate what it means┬áto be American. To get into the spirit of things, we’ve gathered a set of pictures that make us want to stand up and sing the national anthem.

So sit back, relax, forget about Edward Snowden for a minute, and get in the mood for the holiday.

America is about big dreams

baseball, Yankee Stadium. Derek Jeter, baseball fan

Seizing the moment

Bald Eagle

Seizing the day.

Iwo Jima, U.S. troops, WW II, Pacific War

It’s about resilience

Freedom Tower, NYC, Skyline


Montana, mountains, west


Barbecue, grilling, meat


Fireworks, United States Capitol, Washington D.C., July 4th


Satue of Liberty, sunset

The promise of a better life …

even at 95.

immigration, immigrant, citizenship, naturalization

It’s about the wild west

wrangler, montana, cowboy

Breaking barriers

Jackie Robinson, baseball, civil rights

Overcoming obstacles

Paralympic games, amputee, track and field, race

Serving your country

Marine, Afghanistan, war

Reaching for the stars …

Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11, moon landing

whoever you are.

Gabbie Giffords, Olympics, gymnastics

It’s about innovation

Steve Jobs, Steve Wosniak, John Sculley, Apple computer, old apple computer


U.S. Olympic Hockey Team, 1980 Olympics, Hockey, Miracle on ice

Nurturing the land

farmer, american farmer

Protecting it

Firefighter, wild fire, California, forrest

Preserving it

Yellowstone National Park, buffalo, National Park

Most of all, it’s about having that dream …

MLK, dream, Martin Luther King Jr., civil rights

and seeing where it can lead.

CA coast, road, drive

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