Now We Have Proof Apple Is Testing A 4G iPhone

iphone 5 render

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A new look into iOS 5’s code shows hints that Apple is testing a 4G LTE iPhone, MacRumors reports.The code contains a file with “LTE” in the name. LTE is the same technology Verizon uses to power its 4G network. AT&T’s LTE network is due to launch this fall in five U.S. cities.

While we doubt that such a device will be ready in time for the iPhone 5’s expected launch in October, we do know Apple is using iOS 5 to power it.

It’s much more likely that next year’s iPhone will be the model to finally get 4G. Verizon’s network only covers about half the U.S. population, and AT&T’s LTE network will take at least until next year to catch up. Plus, Apple likes to make sure implementing new iPhone features won’t detract from the design or battery life.