The Man Accused Of Killing His Girlfriend And Posting Photos Of It On 4chan Has Been Arrested

The man who’s accused of killing his girlfriend and posting pictures of her body online has been arrested in Portland, Oregon according to NBC News.

His name is David Michael Kalac from Washington State. As NBC reports, Kalac is thought to have strangled his girlfriend late Monday or Tuesday night. Portland police spotted his car around midnight on Wednesday.

Kalac has been charged with second-degree murder involving domestic violence.

The twist to this murder case is the discovery of photos posted online from a person claiming to be the killer on the website 4Chan, according to NBC News. There was also a message that read “Turns out it’s way harder to strangle someone to death than it looks in the movies.”

4Chan is, of course, the website where the big nude celebrity photo leaks landed in a series of scandals towards the end of the summer.

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