San Francisco 49ers release fullback Bruce Miller after he allegedly assaulted a 70-year-old man

The San Francisco 49ers announced on Monday that they released 29-year-old fullback Bruce Miller following his arrest for an alleged assault of a 70-year-old man. 

According to KTVU, Miller was arrested early Monday morning after an incident occurred at the Fisherman’s Wharf Marriott Hotel in San Francisco late Sunday night. Miller reportedly tried to check into the hotel, but was denied a room because there was no vacancy.

Later that evening, KTVU reports, Miller knocked on a door of a room, which was occupied by an elderly couple. Their son was reportedly staying in the room next door, and told Miller he had the wrong room. 

Miller then reportedly started throwing punches, at which point the son’s 70-year-old father tried to intervene and was punched, too. KTVU reports that both the father and son were taken to the hospital. The father reportedly suffered broken bones in his face. 

Surveillance footage captured Miller bloodied later that evening: 

When a hotel worker saw Miller bloodied and vomiting, he called 911. 

From KTVU:

According to jail records, Miller has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon (not a firearm), 2 counts of making criminal threats, and battery. 

KTVU also reports that Miller was at a restaurant earlier that night with two friends. One restaurant worker said that he was “hammered.” 

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