49ers Coach Creates Surprising Quarterback Controversy

It was dubbed “The Backup Bowl” on Monday Night Football, with both the 49ers and Bears playing without their starting quarterbacks due to concussions. But thanks to a strong performance in the 49ers 32-7 win, and some interesting comments by Jim Harbaugh, Colin Kaepernick may no longer be a backup.

In the post-game press conference, when 49ers coach Harbaugh was asked if Kaepernick is now the starting quarterback, Harbaugh said “we’ll see,” and added that he typically goes “with the hot hand.”

Was Harbaugh just trying to push his own guys? Maybe. But for a 49ers team that is now 7-2-1, and with a starting quarterback (Alex Smith) that is 19-5-1 in the last two seasons as a starter, it was a surprising lack of support.

Here are the comments (via ESPN)…

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