45% Of Republicans Think Obama Was Born Somewhere Else

Obama golfing
You don’t have to be born here to shoot low.

A new poll suggests that 45% of Republicans think President Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii. Only 33% think he was.In the wake of this persistent concern, Oklahoma has introduced what might be called a birther bill, requiring that presidential candidates prove that they were born here. Oklahoma has not been specific about what documents might prove this beyond the birth certificate that Barack Obama has already released.

Mainstream media and mainstream Democrats dismiss the Obama birth concerns as nonsense. And they probably are. But Obama should just authorise Hawaii to release whatever documents it has that might help set the issue to rest.

(Nothing will set the issue completely to rest, of course. Even if more documents are produced, some folks will still say they are fake or doctored or planted. But perhaps that 45% figure might drop a bit.)

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