$4.3 Million for the Narrowest House in NYC

While the United States may be a huge country with lots of land for its citizens to own and do as they please ; New York remains a hard fought territory. Every inch of space is utilized to the fullest extent possible; words that can be proven all the better with this latest piece of news.

If you cannot do with an apartment, but must have a house in New York, then this one in NYC just about fits the bill. Its claimed to be the narrowest house in New York – and at 9 feet of width, you would be hard pushed to find a narrower one. 

The asking price is indeed $4.3 million and not what the video claims. Features in the house which were added during recent renovations include Italian marble countertops in the kitchen with oak cabinets.  A balcony overlooks a garden.  There are also new radiators, central air, oak flooring, marble-framed fireplaces and a washer and dryer.

The house has previously been a sweet factory as well as a shoemaker’s shop. It has become a popular tourist attraction in recent times being the narrowest house in New York. The house was originally built in the mid 1800s to fill in a carriage entrance leading to the property next door.

The house is located at  75 1/2 Bedford Street. Whether the new owners are happy to pay the price or even more to be able to call New York their home or they bargain the asking price down to fit the girth of this home, remains to be seen. Originally posted in The Rich Times [Examiner]