42% of Australian millennials are planning to find a new job this year, according to new data from LinkedIn

Gen Yers are more likely to switch jobs. Image: Getty
  • Gen Y are the the biggest “job switchers” compared to the average Australian, according to new LinkedIn research.
  • 42% of Gen Yers – people aged between 23 and 35 – plan to look for a new job in 2021.
  • However, jobseekers have a bleak outlook when it comes to searching for a new position in 2021.
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Millennials are the nation’s biggest job switchers.

New research from professional networking platform LinkedIn found that Gen Y workers – between the ages of 23 and 35 – plan to seek out a new job in 2021 (42%), compared to the average Australian (33%).

Dubbed the ‘job switcher’ generation, Gen Yers are also more open to changing their career. According to LinkedIn 17% of Gen Yers have pivoted during the pandemic but are planning to go into something else later down the track, whether that’s a new job or pursuing further education. And while 16% want to switch jobs, they plan to upskill first.

While some Aussies are looking to change their career path, the current Australian labour market has put a damper on the idea of career progression, confidence in finding alternative employment and job availability. Only 36% of Australians are confident in their future career progression, with 26% believing that the likelihood of job promotions will drop in 2021.

There is a bleak outlook for job prospects in 2021, with 36% of respondents believing job competition will get worse and 30% seeing job openings worsening too.

On top of this, LinkedIn found that looking for a job affects mental health, with 64% Aussies seeing it as stressful.

With the coronavirus pandemic raging on, it has particularly – and disproportionately – affected women when it comes to job hunting. According to LinkedIn 72% of Australian women consider job seeking a stressful experience, compared to 57% of men. They also consider self doubt a barrier to finding a new job at higher rates than men.

“Job seeking can be a long-drawn process so it’s key to break it down into simple steps that you can execute and seek advice from your community,” LinkedIn Career Expert Shiva Kumar said in a statement. “Our research reveals that over half (55%) of Australian professionals believe that researching when preparing for a job interview is one of the best ways to overcome any lack of self-confidence and self-doubt.

“Over a quarter of Australians said that reconnecting and networking with former colleagues both offline and online is the most effective way to getting a job in 2021.”

To give a helping had to job seekers, LinkedIn is rolling out an online Jobs Bootcamp from 18 – 22 January, that will provide insights on how to land a job. It will feature free LinkedIn Live panel discussions with business and industry experts including Woolworths Group Head of Talent Acquisition Anne Stevens and Boost Juice founder Janine Allis.

LinkedIn’s data comes amid a growing number of job vacancies in Australia reported by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Aussie businesses were hiring for a record 254,400 jobs in November – a massive jump from 206,100 vacancies in August – signalling a growth in employment.

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