$4,000 Worth Of Fancy Show Pigeons Were Found In A Miami Dumpster

fantail pigeon

[credit provider=”Wikimedia Commons” url=”http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Fantail_Pigeon_%281518126605%29.jpg”]

Sixteen fancy pigeons were found in a shipping box in a Miami Beach garbage Tuesday morning, the Palm Beach Post reports.These weren’t normal park pigeons. Investigators think they were purchased at a pigeon show for around $250 a pop, and then abandoned in a dumpster outside Tantra Restaurant on Espanola Way, according to the Palm Beach Post.

At $250 a pigeon, that’s $4,000 in the garbage!

It’s speculated that a mysterious Caribbean man bought the birds at last weekend’s Grand National Pigeon Show in Lakeland. But the details of who is he or why he abandoned the birds remain unknown.

Tim Hogle, who rescued the birds told The Palm Beach Post:

He thought he was doing them a favour by letting them out of the box…they started becoming prey to the local cats.

I knew they were not regular pigeons…they are strange, they are funny-looking little birds.

Only 13 of the 16 pigeons survived. Hogle took the survivors with him and set up a roost in a vacant home he owns in Miami. The National Pigeon Association plans to help, its secretary said.

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