40 Things You Can Buy For A Dollar


Photo: Burger Baroness at www.flickr.com

A buck doesn’t go as far as it used to, but it can still buy something fun or practical.We surfed the Internet and stopped by some New York City stores to track down some of the best options.

Of course, as a personal finance site we have to remind you that a dollar saved is a dollar closer to paying off credit card debt or student loans or having enough to retire. Now with that out of the way…

A new razor every month with the Dollar Shave Club

A bottle of shampoo

A slice of pizza in NYC

A used Danielle Steel book

A song from iTunes

Angry Birds Space

Make it rain (just a drop)

Lip gloss

Party beads

A chance to win $100 if the Hornets win the NBA championships in 2013

A house in Detroit

Yard decor

Five 4x6 photo prints at Walmart

Source: Walmart

An ATM fee (so you can get more money)

A cheap beer

A junior cheeseburger deluxe at Wendy's

Feed a starving family in India

For this and other charity options check out http://www.1dollaraday.org/ and http://www.onedollarnation.org/ and https://www.dollarpermonth.org.

A spiral notebook

An oyster during happy hour

A cup of lemonade

A Navel orange

An extra half mile in a NYC taxi

Source: NYC.gov

A pickle from the farmer's market

67 shares of Sky Power Solutions Corp (SPOW) or other penny stocks

A souvenir penny (these cost either 51 cents or 101 cents)

Various ebooks on Amazon (if you like romance or mystery)

A hug from these guys

A light bulb

A greeting card

A one-night rental from Blockbuster Express (new releases are more)

A quarter gallon of gas in California

Source: EIA

Air for your car tire

Half an hour of parking in Manhattan

Source: NYC

A pack of pencils

Cat food

Something extra for the bellboy

A ride on the Boltbus from New York to DC (if you book early and get lucky)

A 30-minute foot massage in the Philippines

A scratch-off lottery ticket

A 6.29741e-14 per cent reduction in the national debt

Do it at Pay.gov.

To get more for you money...

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