Meet The 4-Year-Old Fashion Prodigy Who Just Designed An Entire Collection For J. Crew

MayhemJ.Crew/Bryan Derballa4-year-old Mayhem (right) designed an entire capsule collection for J.Crew.

A 4-year-old fashion prodigy is designing an entire line of kids’ clothing for J.Crew.

The young designer, whose name is Mayhem, caught the attention of J.Crew executives with her fashion blog, which is run with the help of her parents.

J.Crew executive creative director Jenna Lyons emailed Mayhem’s parents in February to ask if the 4-year-old would be interested in working for the retailer.

“I remember reading the email and being certain it was a set up,” Mayhem’s mother, Angie Keiser, wrote in a blog post. “As in, it’s probably some kind of wicked virus that if I reply to it, my laptop will explode or at the very least melt before my eyes.”

Within a matter of weeks, Mayhem was flown to New York City from her native Ohio, where she sat on the floor of a J.Crew office with paper, tape, glue, crayons and beads (some of her favourite design materials) and got to work.

“Then they sprinkled their magic J.Crew fairydust on it and turned paper into fabric,” Keiser wrote. “And when it was time to go, Mayhem cried. Because she didn’t want to leave.”

Jenny Cooper, the head of design for Crewcuts, J.Crew’s kids line, said Mayhem was meticulous with her designs.

“When we met with Mayhem for the first time we were really curious to see how she would work and were amazed to watch this barely four-year-old girl start meticulously folding the pleats on a skirt and placing stones very specifically and carefully on a top she had just fashioned around herself,” she told Forbes. “She has such an inventive and creative personality that really resonated with us.”

Mayhem rose to Internet fame earlier this year for modelling construction-paper versions of red carpet looks on her mother’s Instagram account, which now has more than 432,000 followers.

Mayhem’s J.Crew collection will be available in summer 2015.

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