4 Ways Retailers Are Trying To Publish To Stay Afloat

If you’re a retailer and you’re not generating a non-stop flow of customised, interactive content, the writing’s on the wall: Publish or perish. Publishing has become an essential tool for keeping customers close as they pursue their decision journeys on the way to purchase. Just look around. Macy’s mBlog offers “news, reviews, magic and more,” J. C. Penney posts teen-hosted haul videos on YouTube, Target’s got an online style monthly, and L.L.Bean promotes “Share Your Story” where customers emote about its products. Merchandizing that was once limited to the store window, shelves, print ads or catalogues can now be micropersonalized and published across every conceivable channel.

Here are four publishing approaches retailers are trying:

The Mass Publisher

Mass publisher retailers create content of broad interest to their customers. They ask, “If we were a cable TV channel or a mass market magazine, what would our content, tone, and the experience we offered be? What would be the on-demand shows or feature articles that get viewed and shared virally? What topics could we own?” Sears is heading in this direction with cooking and fashion programming streamed from a live studio next to one of its stores onto YouTube, Facebook, and other social sites. Macy’s mBlog posts articles on fashion, cooking, homewares and other topics that have copious links to product pages. Target’s “On the Dot” online magazine similarly teems with links to featured products.

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