4 Standards To Hold For Any Job Applicant

Once you share a job opening with interested candidates, you’re bound to get some applications that are not relevant to the position. In a tough job market, some job seekers rely on the ineffective techniques – such as the “spray and pray” method of applying for tens or hundreds of jobs – in hopes that their qualifications even somewhat match what an employer is looking for.

Obviously, you need to have hold applicants to a certain standard to consider them for your job opening. Here are a few things that applicants must meet to be capable of succeeding on the job:

  • Minimum requirements. In your job listing, what are the minimum requirements to be considered for employment at your organisation? These might include years of experience, education, or specific skills. The ideal candidate should possess these minimum requirements in order to make it to the next round of the hiring process.
  • Requested experience. How many years experience in the field should the applicant have? Does the position require any previous management knowledge? Has the applicant held positions in the field before? Did they stay long at previous organisations?
  • Education. Depending on the job, what type of education should the candidate possess? Does the job require some college education, a degree or a specialised technical certificate? To avoid making a bad hire, ensure the potential employee meets your education requests for success on the job.
  • Desired skills. Although some skills are certainly not required, others are vital for the position’s success. What are the minimum skills an applicant must have? Are there other skills that they can learn during training or onboarding?

Other aspects of finding the ideal candidate for your job opening are less black-and-white. These should also be considered when evaluating potential candidates for interviews:

  • Passion for the field or industry
  • Research on their fit at the organisation
  • Past accomplishments at similar positions
  • Attention to detail
  • Communication skills

How do you determine who the best applicant is for an opening at your company?

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