4 red Burgundies you can enjoy without spending a fortune

Burgundy with a sense of humour… Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy/imdb.

When one metaphorically travels to Burgundy, it’s best to pack a sense of humour.

All too often, the disappointment experienced of bang delivered for bucks expended is frankly, very high. This is especially so with the most humble and affordable of the Burgundian appellations Bourgogne A.C.

A lot (most?) of the time drinking these is a bit like dancing with your sister: while you get to go through the motions there was never any prospect of real satisfaction. (Thanks to AFL legend Kevin Sheedy for the metaphor.)

And then thank you Lord, along comes a red burgs vintage like 2015. A year of such beautifully even ripeness, that even the most modest well made wines shine brightly. If ever there is a year to buy red Bourgogne, then 2015 is it.

In general, my advice is stop doing what you’re doing and move now to fill your boots. Specifically, all the following wines deliver satisfaction way beyond the norm of this level. These 2015s put quality and “ value” back into the proposition that is red burgundy.

2015 Bourgogne rouge Domaine Paul Pillot

RRP $57 internationalfinewines.com.au

Like the wines before and after: same M.O. – a well-known white burgundy maker delivers delicious red.

Historically it’s been a royal pain in the butt for importers of famous white burgundy makers to be obliged to buy the red wines to get what they want in the whites.

No hardship here with the ’15 vintage ripeness and weight delivering crowd-pleasing complex flavours with notes of minerality and sour cherry with an even, fragrant finish of medium length. Again, get on board.

2015 Bourgogne rouge Domaine Fontaine-Gagnard

RRP $57 heartandsoil.com.au

Another “Mexican” wine (the Cote de Beaune, the south of the Côte d’Or), and a producer better known for their range of premier and grand cru white burgundies.

This is essentially old vine Volnay fruit and boy, does it show that attribute to advantage with the flamboyant ’15 vintage characteristics fully on display.

This is flat out delicious. Vibrant bright mid cherry red in appearance, lifted juicy nose packed full of ripe red fruit aromas edging towards confiture, the palate has deliciously plush red berry flavours, again with a note of confiture and cuddly depth.

Finishes with a fragrant red berry aftertaste of medium length. Yes!

2015 Bourgogne rouge Domaine Amiot Servelle

RRP $64, heartandsoil.com.au

Organic viticulture practised here since 2003, we see yet again the generational passing of the winemaking baton (pipette ?) has resulted in a quantum leap in quality.

Prune Amiot, daughter of Christian, has made some changes to dad’s style resulting in wines more stylish and muscular without the previous rusticity.

Intense deep red appearance. Strong, surprisingly complex bouquet of dark black and blue fruit aromas with background notes of minerality and menthol.

The palate is really quite powerful for this humble nomenclature, with the long fruit flavours tightly wound around a crunchy acid backbone.

Finishes beautifully with pleasing tannins and a long fresh piquant aftertaste. Giddy up!

2015 Bourgogne rouge Domaine Thierry & Pascale Patrot

RRP $53 cellarhand.com.au

This is quite new world in style, so not surprising it’s sealed under screwcap.

Pretty, bright red crimson appearance, the nose is very fresh and strongly fruity.

The palate shows the same youthful exuberance with nervy morello cherry characters of medium intensity and with a pleasingly fragrant and long aftertaste with the fruit nicely coating the tannins.

Satisfyingly Pinot more so than Burgundian, this drinks very nicely indeed.

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