4 Precautions If You Feel That You’re Going To Be Fired From Your Job

At one time or another, nearly everybody in the business world has felt that they were going to be fired or laid off. Sometimes this is an unavoidable evil while other times the prospect of getting fired can be prevented.

Here are some measures one could take if they feel that losing their current job is almost inevitable.

It’s All About Documentation

If you think that you are going to lose your current position, start documenting your day-to-day activity. This means documenting what accomplishments you’ve achieved, what work is being asked of you by your boss, whether the work load is manageable and what your co-workers’ reaction to the current work environment is.

However, in doing so, you must keep your writing neutral. Strong opinions within the documentation are going to prove a hindrance should you decide to make a case to the human resources department that you are being wrongfully terminated. Date any and all documentation and make sure that you have a personal record of what you write down, as many companies do not allow you to return to your desk upon being laid off.

Start Having More of a Positive Attitude At the Office

If you feel that you may be let go in the near future, it may be because of your attitude toward both your job and your boss. Upon accessing any work related problem, many people fail to look inward. Remember that the world favours extroverted, outgoing people. Even if work is not the best now, you can make it better with a simple smile and a heightened sense of urgency when any particular project needs completion.

Start To See Things From Your Boss’s Perspective

As imperfect people, we continually fail to see other people’s perspectives and feelings on a particular situation or circumstance. If you feel that you are going to be let go from your current position, take some time to see things from your boss’s perspective.

Going through this exercise can prove to be immensely helpful. You may see that your boss may actually feel like his or her job is in jeopardy and may be acting out of stress or resentment for their boss. The moment you are able to see the world through the eyes of your boss is the exact moment that you may have saved your job.

Ask For Feedback Regarding Your Current Performance

It’s always best to get any grievances out in the air before they escalate to a point that is irreversible. Ask your boss if there are any ways in which you could be performing better. You might even be pleasantly surprised that your concerns of getting fired or downsized were nothing more than mere concerns.

On the other hand, if your boss tells you that there are major areas of your work that require improvement, start to focus on those areas and continually be aware of whether you feel that you are getting better at performing those tasks. Be cognisant of the fact that you can’t make improvements if you don’t know what the problems are.

Getting fired or laid off is never pleasant, however taking the proper measures or precautions can make all the difference in either saving your current job or transitioning to a new position.