4 Of The Most Inspiring New Startup Founders, According to Silicon Valley Investors

George Petschnigg, founder and CEO of FiftyThree (Paper).SV Angels’ Ron Conway, Brian Pokorny and David Lee were asked who the most inspiring, up-and-coming tech founders are right now.

SV Angel is one of the most well-know, early stage VC firms, investing in hundreds of startups around the world. Here’s who each investor said.

Ron Conway told TechCrunch’s Colleen Taylor that he likes FiftyThree (Paper) founder, George Petschnigg. He also has great admiration for Ben Silbermann, CEO of Pinterest.

“George is very, very inspirational,” Conway said. “[It’s] his passion for his product and the knowledge he has of his customer base.” Paper is an iPad app that lets you sketch or paint intricate drawings, just like you would on traditional paper. It was named Best New App by Apple last year.

Pokorny listed Arjun Sethi of MessageMe as a source of inspiration. MessageMe is an app that lets you send more than just texts back and forth to friends. “[Sethi is a] very smart founder,” Pokorny said. “He’s very inspirational and just innovative and thoughtful of the space he’s in.”

David Lee is a fan of Dan Knox and the Science Exchange team. Science Exchange is creating a platform for academic research. Lee says it’s similar to oDesk where research can be outsourced. “There are so many inefficiencies there,” said Lee. “I think [it] is really, really impactful.”

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