5 Little Known Secrets About Google Hires

google offer letterIf you do well, you’ll receive one of these offer letters in the mail.

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Bryan Power, a people operations manager at Google, gave Mashable tips on how to snag a job there.Show Google what you’ve done career-wise and make it concise.  Also, understand the difference between responsibilities and accomplishments.

Google likes numbers. Put them on your resume. Show how much revenue you generated, how much traffic you drove, how many clients you managed, etc.

Without numbers, Powers says you look like everyone else. Even if the numbers don’t seem very impressive, they’ll make you stand out.

Show off talent, not skills.  Google wants people who can change as quickly as the world does.  Google also wants applicants who are givers, not takers. Show how you’ll help Google tackle company challenges; don’t come in looking for a resume boost.

Get over phone phobia. Your interview will always start with a call or two. After a few successful phone screenings, candidates are invited to the Googleplex. There, you should talk more about Google’s future than yourself.

If you get rejected, consider it a … instead of a period. Follow up with recruiters, says Power. “Sometimes you might be in a conversation about a role and it doesn’t work out, but things are dynamic, and six or 12 months from now things might shift so that you’re a match,” Power says to Mashable. “You’re in a better position if you maintain that relationship instead of moving on from that opportunity.

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